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What I Do


Audiovisual Translations

I translate different kind of series and movies, e.g. drama series, children’s television series and documentaries. Also, I create Finnish subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.

My strengths are excellent skills in Finnish language, ability to come up with appropriate expressions and interest to use language creatively and to play with words. Because of my work experience and studies, I understand the subtitling conventions both in practice and in theory. The independent working style of a translator suits for my nature perfectly.

Proofreading & Language Revision

Every so often proofreading and language revision get mixed up. The former is particularly simpler, because usually the text is already of good quality and it just needs to be checked for spelling and grammar mistakes.

On the contrary, the latter means that in addition the revisions focus on e.g. vocabulary, word order, sentence structure, organization of the text and style. The text will be formulated into a coherent and functional entity, which improves understandability and readability.

Language planning & editing

Language planning is closely related to the revision, but it is even more comprehensive. Besides correcting the spelling, grammar, vocabulary and structure, the author will receive feedback on the style, frequent problems, the fluency of the text, and of course on their strengths.

Language planning alongside the revision is beneficial when the author wants to develop their writing skills. Naturally, this takes more time than proofreading or revision.



Academic Degrees
Licentiate of Philosophy, University of Eastern Finland (2013)
Master of Arts, University of Joensuu (2009)
Bachelor of Arts, University of Joensuu (2009)
Licentiate Thesis (Swedish Language, 2013)
Master of Arts Thesis (Swedish Language, 2008)
Minor Thesis (English Language and Culture, 2010)
Swedish Language (basic, intermediate, advanced and postgraduate studies)
English Language and Culture (basic and intermediate studies)
Finnish Language (basic and intermediate studies)
Translation Studies (basic and intermediate studies, av-translation)
Journalism Studies (basic studies, University of Tampere)
Writing (basic studies, University of Jyväskylä)


Work History

I’ve worked for 10 years as an audiovisual translator delivering subtitles mainly for an international media house. I translate from English and Swedish to Finnish.

In addition I've done proofreading and editing at a Finnish advertising agency for 4 years.

Scientific Publications

Penttinen A.-K. Finnish and English code-switching and borrowing in a Finnish-Swedish discussion program. 2013. In Tirkkonen J.-M. & Anttikoski E. (eds.): Proceedings of the 24th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics. Joensuu: University of Eastern Finland.

Penttinen A.-K. Inlåning av finska och engelska ord samt kodväxling i ett samtalsprogram. 2011. In Niemi S. & Söderholm P. (eds.): Svenskan i Finland 12, 15 och 16 oktober 2009 vid Joensuu universitet. Joensuu: University of Eastern Finland.


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Anna-Kaisa Viljanen
Anna-Kaisa Viljanen

Anna-Kaisa Viljanen

Audiovisual Translator, Writing Reviser